Dry January?

I thought I’d leave you with my next-to-last drink of 2020 (champagne comes later) – a 750 ml bottle of IPA from the Cévennes. Why all the fuss? I might be doing a ‘dry January’ to start the year off…right? I’m not resolving anything and give myself the right of a few exceptions, but that’s the intention anyway.

Happy New Year everyone.

12 thoughts on “Dry January?

  1. Cheers to you Ger! My New Years resolution is to get into street clothes more often and get out! Damn, its been a long year!

  2. Trying a new approach myself. I’m writing goals on each beer with a sharpie. For example, I had one last stout in the fridge. Wrote “40 miles” on it and can’t have it until I reach that goal.

      • Realized after I posted that should have been more specific. My longest single ride last year was only 36 miles when I had been better during previous years. So 40 miles in single ride to open it.

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