Blog Upgrade: Yea or Nay

The other day I saw this blog from another computer and noticed that there were several ads plastered about. I’m wondering if you find this sort of thing unsightly or is it par for the course for a personal blog? I have the option of upgrading to get rid of these things and it’s not a big load of money, but I also don’t want spend the money if nobody will even notice the difference.

Any opinions on this, Dear Reader? Other bloggers, what do you do? Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Blog Upgrade: Yea or Nay

  1. As I am reading within the reader, I don’t see any ads.
    I have ads running on mine, but that money that it brings in is not worth it.
    I am considering blocking the ads, but I don’t know who sees them now anyway.

  2. Thanks, everybody. I made the move and upgraded. I find it pretty irritating when I run into these things on sites, so figured it’s worth the €4 a month. FYI, for those who mentioned it, no, we don’t make anything from the ads. This is just the price you pay for a basic WordPress blogging platform.

    Anyone still seeing ads?

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