Ventoux Sighting

When I was out on my only outside ride last week, I passed through the village of Blauzac, turned north on a tiny vineyard road, and was treated with this view.

Alright, not exactly that view. I was trying out one of the many new features on my phone’s camera and chose ‘drama’. It looked better on the phone. I am also totally zoomed in, as you can probably tell.

The thing is, I have ridden this road hundreds of times and had never seen Ventoux till yesterday. I do usually ride it in the opposite direction, but I guess the Mistral had cleaned the air up enough that it looked close enough to ride over to. I suppose it was, if I wanted to do a 200 km round trip.

Anyway, it was nice to have a reminder that there’s a world outside my 20km radius. We will be set free from our shackles tomorrow, so who knows, if the snow decides to melt a bit on Ol’ Baldy, I might get over there and see it up close again soon.

8 thoughts on “Ventoux Sighting

  1. I remember that first ride with you Ger in 2011 when we first met. That’s when I had my old bike, fat body and old life. We were lucky enough to actually see Baldy on that ride which was the beginning of a transition to where I am today. I will Never forget it!

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