Tour de France Stage 9: Pyrenean Triplets

Returning to ‘been there, done that’, yesterday’s exciting stage included 3 climbs that I’ve done one or more times over the years. The very first big one on Stage 9 was the Hourcère, which I’m pretty I climbed on the first day of Haute Route Pyrenees. The 2nd climb of the day (Soudet) was also on my route last year, before finishing at the ski station of Pierre St. Martin, near the Spanish border. It was eventful day, with some of my comrades cramping (one walked to the finish line) and one abandoning the race altogether. I had my only really good day.

Back in the day when we could touch other people

I’m fairly certain that I’ve never done the Col d’Ichère, but with my memory the way it is these days, there’s always a chance I have. I have climbed the Marie Blanque, though, where all the GC action occurred yesterday. The first time was in 2016 with John on the amazingly-named Quebrantahuesos sportive, which started in Spain. The Marie Blanque was the turnaround point. It was steep and pretty and all I remember was wondering why I had to ride all the back to Spain afterwards.

If you have experience a bigger paella pan, I want to see it!

4 thoughts on “Tour de France Stage 9: Pyrenean Triplets

  1. I agree. Super stage. One thing for sure, it ain’t over till the skinny cyclist sings (or something like that). There is sure to be many more action filled days and there is no guarantee Roglic will take it all as I and many of the pundits have said.

    • I wonder which cyclist has the best voice? 😉 I’m sure you’re right about the next two weeks, too. I always fool myself into thinking that it’s all over before the first rest day, but then I realize what’s still ahead. Looking forward to it, that’s for sure.

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