“Descends like a goat”

The above quote is from yesterday’s stage, which Frenchman Nans Peters won from a break. Many thought that Russian Ilnur Zakarin would take this stage because of his climbing prowess, but it became pretty evident early on that as soon as these two guys crested the penultimate climb, he was not in his wheelhouse. Nans Peters attacked on the descent because ‘j’ai vu qu’il descendait comme une chèvre’. If you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand immediately.

Anyway, a useful phrase to throw at your friends on your next ride.

5 thoughts on ““Descends like a goat”

  1. I laughed outloud when I heard him say this – but really it is a phrase so used he didn’t mean it to be mean, just to say that he could be dropped on the descent. It was incredible how much time he lost on each descent, but I’m sure I would have lost much more 🙂

    • Yeah, he said it such an innocent way that I’m sure Zakarin didn’t take it the wrong way! And I’ve seen you descend. I’m not sure you would have been too far behind…

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