Post-ride Grub

I live in Europe, so it goes without saying that my go-to is often a nice, greasy kebab.

The one above that I ate today was probably the worst I’ve ever had in Nimes, but living with a vegetarian during Covid Times leads me to appreciate whatever meat I can eat.

What do you do to replenish those hard-lost calories?

18 thoughts on “Post-ride Grub

  1. Believe it or not. lots of veggies with a nice baguette or roll. Perhaps something with rice or some complex carbs. A veggie burger made with black beans goes a long way as well. Theres a couple of good vegetarian/vegan places around that Ginette and i tried last year.

  2. Normally, a good burger. There’s a place on rue des Ecoles that we always pass on our way home that also has a good beer selection. But this summer I don’t have that many calories that need replenishing, and usually an ice cream fits the bill (bike ride optional).

    • Didn’t you serve me a kebab the last time I was up there? That one was pretty good. Or maybe it was a felafel sando…

      Burger and beer cannot be beat, but we don’t have one in Nimes that is Parisian standards with seats outside, I think.

      How’s the running restrictions going, by the way? Are they actually asking you to wear a mask in the ‘red zones’?

    • Vegans primary source of carbs is alcohol Rich. I notice lately, with all the time working from home i can now pretend i’m in France , go out for a ride and come back for that 5pm apero carb refill. Frites are optional!

  3. I lived in San Jose area for a while and post ride was a burrito from Bueno Bueno Burrito. Needed two hands to hold it. It was the best.

    • I needed two hands for my kebab yesterday, but that was just to keep all the stuff from falling out. We have clients who ride around San Jose. How’s the riding?

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