Deda Traforato: Holy Bartape!

‘Traforato’, if Google Translate can be believed, means ‘perforated’ in Italian. I’m assuming it’s in these holes that I just lost 78 grams off my bike weight. This purchase was the latest in my attempt this year to get my Colnago down to below the UCI legal weight limit (6.8 kg). I don’t know why I waited so long because this bar tape costs only €10 and, like I said, is a 78 gram savings over my old one (also Deda). This is a very cheap 13 centimes on the €/gr scale.

After changing my tape, tubes, skewers and water bottle holders, I’m now down a whopping 371 grams, at a reasonable €.80/gram. I may now have run out of cheap ways to shed pounds; everything else I have on my list is at least €4/gram – a big ask in Covid times.

The good news is that I am somewhere between 6.8kg and 6.9kg now, so nearly there. Other than drilling holes in my carbon frame, I’m out of good ideas. What am I missing?

10 thoughts on “Deda Traforato: Holy Bartape!

  1. Wow! You have way too much time on your hands. Does it come in different colours? I will have to think about this for my new project in the Fall. I too have way too much time to think about such things.

  2. Ok, as you are getting serious: bike computers normaly are not part of the bike weight. So, if you have 6,8 plus 100gr garmin, real weigjt is 6,9. Wahoo has a small screw. If you use it, it will become integral part of the bike. So your bike could be 6.7 plus 100 gr wahoo…

    • Tires are possible, definitely, but that’d be a last resort I think. I like the security of having tires that don’t puncture too much. Tried a carbon saddle once. Ouch. Titanium bolts….now you’re talking!

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