Garmin Goes Down

Well that was interesting timing. After writing about my personal aversion to too much tech the other day, a friend from Paris tells me that Garmin has been hit by what is being reported as a ‘ransomware attack’. Many of you will have known something was up because you weren’t able to upload the ride you did yesterday and then spent an hour trying to figure out what the heck was wrong.

10 minutes of that hour was spent ‘pulling’ on your phone’s screen to get Garmin Connect to recognize the activity, then 30 minutes more after plugging your device into your computer and wondering why Garmin Express sees the device but doesn’t upload the ride. You then started looking online for a webpage that could troubleshoot the problem and finally 20 minutes later you have given up attempting to chat or send an email to Garmin Support because, well, the whole damn thing was down.

Oh, you may well be doing the same thing this morning because my ride today is still stuck in my device. If you are eventually trying to get your activity to Strava, plug your device into the computer and do an ‘upload activity’ from your Strava page, just like the old days.

9 thoughts on “Garmin Goes Down

  1. Fortunately, someone told me about the problem around the time i finished my ride so the only time spent was to figure out how to upload manually from my Garmin head unit to Strava. That being said, i have to manually upload my outdoor ride from Strava to Rouvy everytime as it counts on my Rouvy stats as it doesn’t do it automatically, as i said, the inconvenience of it all.

  2. Fortunately, I had about three minutes into the process. I’d heard earlier from a friend on Strava that “Strava’s servers were down”. It took me all of a minute to figure out it was Garmin connect because my buddy runs a Wahoo and that uploaded just fine. 😀

  3. I use an old Garmin Edge 800, no bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other modrenising stuff, so I’m still plugging away anyhow! I also use a spreadsheet for my rides, plus backup – so who’s a smartarse then?

    • It’s quite surprising how many people actually don’t know how to upload without bluetooth, etc. There have even been articles in the cycling press to explain how. How quickly we forget how to do stuff!

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