Hold Your Breath: 2020 UCI Calendar

I’m both very excited and equally nervous about the upcoming pro cycling season. Excited because, although I still won’t have a reason to get dressed each day, I’ll have something to look forward every afternoon other than closing my shutters and sitting in the dark till, well, dark. Nervous because I can’t imagine it’ll be very long before a pro rider gets Covid-19, putting the whole season in jeopardy. Or, as a friend just brought up today, a bunch of fans on the side of the road.

Well, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of what I can, while I can. And the whole thing gets started with one of the best races of the year – Strade Bianche, on August 1st, nine short days away. Here are the main races of the men’s truncated season.

Next day: it seems there’ll be some heavy hitters riding before Strade Bianche – the Vuelta a Burgos starts next Tuesday and will have Nairo, Remko and a few other big names.

And the women…

7 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath: 2020 UCI Calendar

  1. I didn’t realise they were going ahead with all the grand tours. My focus and all the media’s seemed to be about the tour. It really does seem weird having racing (scheduled) so late in the year. Fingers crossed that they all stay safe. So what do you think the strategies will be? Get in yellow as soon as possible and keep it cause if they cancel the race half way through they’ll give it to the guy in yellow. First tour to be won by a sprinter perhaps.

    • I agree, but I hope it runs its course so we can all take our minds off ‘you know what’ for a while. Good thinking about strategy! Could very be the case. Would love to see Sagan win a Grand Tour…

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