Corona Quote of the Day

This very well could be the ONLY day you see a quote, so I hope you enjoy it.

Patrick Lefevere, legendary cycling manager, on people still riding in groups in Belgium.

“Every crisis offers opportunities, and this is evident now: many people apparently see the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to behave like an idiot,”.

He said it, not me.


12 thoughts on “Corona Quote of the Day

  1. Regarding the danger of cyclists falling off and needing medical attention, I fell over in the garden today and smashed my nose. Luckily I didn’t need medical attention but it was still stupidity in action. I plead guilty.

    • I’ve been watching with interest how Australia is managing (or not) this crisis. Every country seems to be going the same route, i.e. waiting till the virus is beyond control to take meaningful action.

  2. We are split into solo, maybe two people at a time… my wife and I ride outside together regularly… but a full group?! Stupid is as stupid does, I guess.

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