Unpaid in the Time of Corona

An article just popped up on my radar this morning about Lotto Soudal riders taking a temporary pay cut ‘in solidarity with staff and sponsors’. I think that in the big scheme of things pro athletes taking a financial hit is not that drastic or sad (1 million people in Canada went on Unemployment Insurance last week), but if this virus sticks around long enough it could cause sponsors to walk away and teams to disband. Cycling teams come and go with lightning speed in the best of times.


I’m not going to make any predictions (I try this from time to time on the stock market and it rarely works), but only a few weeks ago it came out that Astana hadn’t paid their riders and staff ‘in months’. And this is one of the winningest teams out there.

However, other problems exist. The apartment is nearly out of alcohol, but we still have plenty of vegetables. Luckily bananas are low, so I’ll latch onto this as my excuse to go out soon.

Stay inside. Stay safe.

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