Tour du Mont Blanc: Probably a Mistake

I am pretty sure I will not sign up for this event, but I have to admit that the idea of doing it is really attractive – where ‘idea’ is divorced from ‘reality’, of course.

The attraction lies in the fact that this giant loop of 333 km runs through 3 countries (France, Switzerland and Italy). I’ve been up there too many times to think you’ll get views of Mont Blanc, but that would be a bonus if the weather decided to cooperate. It’s also a massive challenge, but that goes without saying – at 8300 meters of climbing, it’s tantalizingly close to an ‘Everest’.


One thing I don’t see is the cut-off time. You start at 5 am and there is an amusingly-timed pasta party at 4 pm, meaning if you want first dibs on the food you have to ride this monstrosity at a 30 kph pace. Cute. I would guess that most mortals will be 20 kph or less, especially given the number of breaks you’ll need on a huge day like this. A midnight finish would be 17 kph, which seems about right to me.

Anyway, I’m definitely not interested. Probably.

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