15 thoughts on “Gravel on the Brain

    • I have seen that video pop up but haven’t watched it yet (I will). I’d like to see a comparison between gravel and CX, but I don’t have enough money right now to go and look! K has brought up this amazing looking ride in the Alps along the border of Italy and France to me and I just happened upon bits of it on Street View the other day. I’m tempted.

  1. Absolutely no desire. I’m not just a clean freak, I’m a clean super freak. So riding a bike in dust, dirt and grime isn’t my thing. Also, I’m into down sizing everything, including the bikes I own. My formula is N-1. I only own bikes a ride on a regular basis.

    • Getting ready for the big Down Size, I see. I never thought of you as N-1, but then again I know you usually trade in your old ones when you get a new Rossetti. I suppose I just never thought about it. I don’t think about the dirt part of riding in dirt, but I should. It took me months to get the Strade Bianche out of my bike the first time I rode that thing.

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