Cévennes: Don’t Go Changin’

I made my first foray this season into my favorite place to ride and I’m happy to report that the wonderful Cévennes have not changed a bit since last year. John and I did a ‘Triple Portes’ – 3 times up to the Col de Portes (a modest 557 meters) – on some seriously quiet and picturesque roads.  We also managed nearly 2200 meters of climbing in only 100 km. Try that at home. Finally, we nearly ran over a bunch of goats and sheep to make it even better. Glad to be back.

Oh, and what do you think of the new kit? The design team was working overtime on this last winter.

IMG_8979IMG_8971IMG_8968IMG_89672019-04-13 11.46.57WQUJ2618.jpg

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