Costa Daurada Cycling Camp

John and I decided to start our season off a month early this year and run a cycling camp in Spain. Luckily for us, 6 other riders thought this was a good idea, so we had a proper tour on our hands.


If you haven’t heard of the Costa Daurada (like us until a few years ago), it is trying to bill itself as a new alternative to Majorca and Calpe, I gather. There are a few pro teams who do train there in the winter, so it’s not totally unknown. An English friend of mine told me he first visited in the 60s and there are at least 3 pubs within a km from our resort, so I’m guessing there’s a different ‘clientele’ come summertime.


But in April the roads are empty and the weather is good. The riding is on par with the south of France, but on better roads. In the backcountry of Cambrils (the fishing town we stayed in) there are a couple of sets of low mountains (topping out at around 1000 m) with more than enough kilometers of tranquilo and challenging roads to keep us busy for the 4 days we were there. Lots of choppy climbs, rolling orchard roads, screaming descents and at least one ‘proper’ ascent of over 10 km – really varied terrain that spoils you for choice. What’s missing are long ‘alpine’ climbs, but as long as you aren’t looking for those this early in the season, you’d be pleased.


Cambrils itself was much more pleasant than we imagined and the town around the port is pretty nice. There’s even at least one craft beer pub, so we had one night easily set for dinner. For accommodation we stayed at a ‘sports resort’ outside of town that John and I knew from a visit down that way before. Cambrils Park Resort is a large center that caters to groups of rugby/football/probably other sports teams that either come down for training or tournaments. In the summer it turns itself into a family resort. Very well run and reasonably priced.


Feedback from the Cycling Camp was very positive, so we’ll be running this again in 2020 – most likely the 1st weekend of April. We have a half-filled ‘early interest list’ already started, so if you want your name on it just comment below or contact us directly.

44|5 Cycling Tours Spain Cycling Camp: €550 (2019 pricing – will be similar next year I’m sure).

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4 thoughts on “Costa Daurada Cycling Camp

  1. Glad your first outing was a success! Looks like temps might have been on the cool side but nice and sunny! Congrats!

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