Head Dent

Sorry to interrupt your Black Friday Weekend, but Shoko just reminded me that the helmet that saved my brains last year has some serious side effects. Not only do I have the most god-awful helmet head after riding, the POC dents my skull (look closely, if you dare).


Well, probably not my skull, but whatever is on top of the bone sure takes a long time to go back to normal. Strangely, I did a Google search for ‘POC helmet head dent’ and not much came up. My head is admittedly big for the rest of me, but I find it hard to believe I’m the only POC owner with skull grooves. Anyone else out there experience this?

As a gift, I give you a panoramic shot of the entire Cévennes, taken this morning.

2018-11-24 11.39.57

3 thoughts on “Head Dent

  1. At least you’ve got hair to be dented!
    Envious of your morning weather – today’s ride in damp, fog and 1 degree (Scotland)

    • Jules, just saw that I never responded to this. Hair is thinning, but slowly thankfully!

      I think I saw you cycling somewhere warm and mountainous lately. How’s the training going for HRP?

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