Vicious Cycle: The Team Returns

Seems that you can disregard the intro below, plus the article it’s referring to. Reader Rich just let me know that Haute Route no longer does teams. There are now only individual and ‘duo’ entries. This sounds less fun, but I suppose people found it hard to form teams of 3 or more. So I now I need to find someone to be the other side of my duo…

I was going to write a whole new ‘recruiting article’ then realized that I had posted this one over a year ago.

Team Vicious Cycle 2019 (HR Pyrenees) is actually already taking shape, with myself and John from 44|5, Pierre, another Canuck, 2013 and 2017 team member, Julian + friend, a guy named Paul + friend and a couple who are sitting on the fence.

I think that makes 7 and teams are 9 max, but we’ve done different VC versions in the past, so will gladly take more. Comment below or send me a message through 44|5 Cycling Tours if you’re interested.

*only part of the original post shows below. Click at the bottom to all the pretty pictures.

The Vicious Cycle

You probably didn’t know this – and I sometimes forget it myself – but this blog earned its title after an elite cycling team. Alright, not that elite, but not a bunch of slouches either.

It all started back in 2012, when I, along with my brother, Rob, decided to ride Haute Route Alps 2013 – at the time an unknown and expensive week-long cycling event that had only two versions (Alps and Pyrenees). It’s now an international series (Europe and North America) with 11 week-long and 3-day races scattered all over the place, from Alpe d’Huez to the Dolomites and San Francisco to North Carolina.

We landed on the name Vicious Cycle after much backs and forths and I don’t even remember whose idea it was. It doesn’t matter; it explains cycling perfectly and I wanted it for my blog, which I thank the author for to this day.

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4 thoughts on “Vicious Cycle: The Team Returns

  1. Hi Gerry, Just FYI but I don’t think the team concept exists anymore in 2019. I think you can only enter as solo or duo (team of 2) now. No idea why they dropped it, I think it was fun to have a team ranking in addition to your individual ranking…

    • Crap! I should have checked this before starting my team campaign. Thanks for letting me know, though. It’ll save a bunch of potential work. Did they have teams this year?

      I did see the ‘duo’ this year and maybe last and thought that was an odd category, but now it sort of makes sense with the team gone.

    • Agree. The team category, for us at least, made the experience much more than what it could have been. I’ve still got friends from both of those events who I never knew before.

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