The Sensations

No, not just a 60’s R&B group, as my good friend from New York suggested, but what my legs are going through at the moment, thank goodness.

My 8-week rule is working out and I feel like I’ve got a nice little base built up now to hammer a good 4-week block of training before the dreaded Strade Bianche Gran Fondo in early March.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that my weight has gone down, but not as much as I’d hoped. Once I finish this next beer I’m going to put some thought into why. Still, I’m holding steady at around 70 kg, which most people where I come from would consider border-line anorexic, but any lycra overhang is unacceptable for the serious MAMIL.

The other good news is that Strade Bianche is not a race that requires extreme lightness, since most of the gravel climbs are short and steep. It’s why Peter Sagan can do so well (till that last dastardly climb) and Romain Bardet probably can’t. Of course I do need to have the power to get these 70 kg up the hills, which is not guaranteed. It could be a moot point.

The final good news is that I’m going to be there with good friends Sarah, Karsten, Stephen and John, so whatever sensations I might be lacking during the event, they’re sure to arrive around aperitivo time.

Enjoy this bonus photo of young asparagus on my ride yesterday.

2018-01-30 13.24.09

12 thoughts on “The Sensations

    • My last few rides have been closer to 15:1 than 10:1, and I think I’ll searching out short climbs for March, too. Joe Friel tells me to duplicate the race conditions as best as possible in the last block of training. Joe knows.

  1. Hey maybe you’re onto something with that 8 week rule. Yesterday had a VO2max interval workout that was almost…enjoyable?! Lo and behold, just counted back and I started ‘official’ training 8 weeks ago. And quite looking forward to sharing some post-race, aperitivi-induced sensations with ya’ll next month :>

  2. Ahhhhh … Good on you, and good on Sarah also whose comment I just saw. Best of luck et bonne chance to the both of you, and Karsten, I will need a report
    ! But the ahhh is for that asparagus photo and spring there and … sensation, did you say? Not for the first time ever the sensation of serious Le Sud envy, but the sensation that I fly tomorrow, arrive in time for early asparagus!

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