2017 Tour de France Route Map

It’s kind of tradition now, so I thought I’d throw up next year’s TdF route for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t had time to digest much yet because we’ve been scrambling to get our Etape du Tour webpage up and running (also announced today) and people signed up for our tour.

I think I heard on the radio that this will be the first time in 25 years that the Tour de France visits all 5 of the country’s mountain ranges (can you name them?), which would indicate a ‘climber’s Tour’, but there are fewer mountainous stages of the ‘epic’ variety, it looks like, which could lead to Christian Prudhomme’s wish of more ‘long range attacks’.

There is one giant stage that crosses the Croix de Fer and Galibier and has nearly 5000 meters of climbing, followed the next day by Briançon – Col d’Izoard, which is going to be next year’s Etape du Tour. If you’re thinking about doing this event, it’s going to be 120 km of hard-riding lumpiness before you even hit the first climb – Col de Vars, with a mighty-tough climb of the south side of Izoard seeing the traditional ‘walking in socks’ moments.

Finally, the very last stage of any significance for the overall will be right down the road from me in on of my favorite cities in France – Marseille. If we’re not running a tour, I plan to be there, pastis in hand.


7 thoughts on “2017 Tour de France Route Map

  1. Hi Gerry, I appreciate your sentiments here – I think it would be great to watch the TT in marseille as it will surely be the final topping on who wins. As I have family not far from their, I may plan to be there :-).

    Additionally, the stage from Briancon through Barcelo to col d’Izoard will also be great to watch.

    If no tours planned let me know if you want a place to stay for that one…

    • Thanks for the offer, Rich! I’m guessing we’ll be busy at that time, but I’d love to get up there and see a mountain stage. Will keep you posted!

      I know next year will be busy for you on the sportive/race circuit. Are you thinking about doing the Etape? Basically your backyard, after all.

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