Death Drive to (S)pain

In a couple of days I’ll be hopping in a car to drive for more than 6 hours, over the Pyrenees, so I can then hop on my bike and cross them again (two more times), in a 200 km pursuit of Joseba Beloki, one of the several Spanish celebrities starting in the first pen.

The Quebrantahuesos, other than being a name I never could have imagined I’d remember how to spell, is also my first sportive / gran fondo in Spain. Apart from the 3 mountains we need to get over (Col du Somport, Col de Marie-Blanque, Col du Pourtalet), I’m looking forward to it.


Am I well trained? No. Down to racing weight? Ha! Resigned? Si.

Full report with all the ugly details next Monday.

17 thoughts on “Death Drive to (S)pain

  1. I still recall Joseba Beloki’s fall in the tour and Armstrong’s incredible ride through the field to avoid him. Nasty fall. Even googled the video again. Glad to hear that JB is still riding. Just got back from Grenoble and the Criterium du Dauphine and managed some riding including up Col de la Madelaine until the Gendarmes thankfully stopped us 5km from the top. Which apparently is the easy section at 8%. Have a great ride Gerry. Looking forward to your report.

    • I had forgotten who that was, Luc. Nice one! Beloki also has another Armstrong connection that I learned about today – he’s the only 2nd place rider in all Armstrong’s TDF wins who was never busted for drugs. Not too shabby. Nice to hear that you’re out riding the big ones…any thought of HR again? There’s been talk about HRD in my quarters…

      • Well they are about to release the data from the operacion Puerto so I wouldn’t hold my breath. As far as HR I have the tshirt so don’t need to do it again.

    • Thanks, Rich. I have heard that the Pyrenees are beautiful, but I’ve never really seen them because of the weather. Hoping for a turn of luck this year.

  2. Gerry, what’s happening? Untrained, above race weight, …. 🙂 it’s ok. As a matter of fact, you may enjoy it more ! Enjoy! I’m about to board for Nice and some riding north of San Remo

    • Check out Cafe du Cycliste at the Vieux Port if you have some time. And you too, enjoy! What kind of ‘riding’ are you doing, btw? Going with friends.

      • Just landed in Nice. Now train towards San Remo. Yes, riding with a handful
        Of friends until Wed. Self organized (like
        Our Lago Guardia + Bormio trip last year. Now not in high mountains, but more high quality Barolo wine 🙂

  3. It’s a great festival of cycling; done it twice and had a great time (alright, I didn’t enjoy all of it!) Wish I was doing it too this year (didn’t get lucky in the lottery). Have fun I’m strangely jealous!

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