Helmet Head – POC Rules

It’s bad enough that POC helmets make me look like I’m wearing a carved watermelon on my head…


…they also create the most whacked-out helmet head you could ever hope for. I was going to suggest a competition, but on review of the photo below, there’s no way anybody could come close. I win.

2016-06-11 11.24.22

17 thoughts on “Helmet Head – POC Rules

    • I had some nasty stinging in the eyes the other day and thought of slapping something on the noggin for the summer. Now I have two reasons…thanks.

    • I’ve read it 4 or 5 times over the years. It’s a wonderful read. Yes, have ridden the route in full and bits and pieces many times. We are going to do it again later this month with a journalist from Cyclist Magazine, which will hopefully get a few people interested in riding this awesome area.

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