The Endless Parade

I mentioned in my article on watching the Etape du Tour how I could probably stand at the finish line all day long, marveling in the variety of people (and their emotions) crossing the line. I am sure I could do the same thing on Ventoux on a busy day. The following 5 photos were taken withing a minute and a half of each other. This is what you get on this mountain.

2015-08-05 09.43.57

The cotton-shirt bike walker

2015-08-05 09.44.55

The bare-headed hot pants look

2015-08-05 09.44.43

Just two old dudes

2015-08-05 09.45.42

The nearly naked

2015-08-05 09.45.45

The MTBer (more and more of these this year…it IS a mountain, I suppose)

And something new for 2015. The town of Bédoin has spruced up this abandoned hut, next to the fountain above Chalet Reynard, and turned it into a little mountain flower expo of sorts.

2015-08-05 10.51.36

Which will now give me a cool photo op if I can ever get the timing right.
2015-08-05 10.54.12

Finally, I think today was the craziest I’ve ever seen the top of Ol’ Baldy, and that’s saying something. You basically had to take a number to get yourself in front of the ‘1911 meters’ sign.

2015-08-05 11.46.50

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