44|5, Kitting Up

John and I went out for a ride today in matching jerseys. We even planned it. It’s been a long time coming, but the 44|5 Cycling Tours jersey is finally out of the hands of those Romanian sewers (sewists?) and onto our backs.

Jersey Front

We’re really happy with the results, especially given that we designed it ourselves (mostly John, I should say). Here it is in action:

2015-06-02 14.03.04

2015-06-02 14.06.08



POC need to do something about their blue. It doesn’t match.

We’ve got a whole box of these babies, by the way. We’ll ship overseas, but the most agreeable way to get one is to come to the south of France.

11 thoughts on “44|5, Kitting Up

    • Interesting you should say that. We wanted something vaguely retro (we’re both kids of the 60s and 70s) and if Gulf didn’t come up in conversation, it must have been there subconsciously, now that I look at some of the color of the cars!

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