Rapha Bibs: First Impression

I actually haven’t worn them yet, but I now know how to keep myself stocked in chamois cream – 10 ml in every purchase.

2015-05-27 18.01.36

10 thoughts on “Rapha Bibs: First Impression

    • I’ve actually worn them for a few hill repeats, but will put them to the test on Ventoux tomorrow. My pre-first impression is that they are really, really comfortable.

  1. I am very very happy with my Castelli Aero Race bib shorts. Rapha gear is excellent but I am a bit of a Castelli convert, but it really is a matter of whatever works for you (the general you, not just Gerry :-).

    • Another brand I haven’t yet tried, at least on my butt. I still have a Castelli jersey from years ago that just won’t die, so I’m guessing their bibs would be at least durable.

  2. Also just got my first rapha kit (lightweight bundle), looking forward to the first test-ride on Sunday. The materials are very nice, the quality is definitely top-notch, but that’s the minimum for this price… The fit is great, I hope I will think the same on the bike too. I have castelli bibs too, and I had no problem with them, but I got a bit pissed about some logos pealing off lately in an ugly manner (3 years ago all their logos were still printed properly, now the use these crappy stick on logos on some of the bibs…), so decided to throw in my money and try rapha… We will see!

    • I’ve seen the same thing with the Castelli logos. It’s bad enough having to look at someone’s butt in front of you in a group, but a shredded logo just adds insult to injury 😉 I’m loving the Rapha bibs so far. ‘Real’ review coming soon. Enjoy yours!

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