Miss Me? Know I Was Gone?

Sorry for the big pause in blogging. We had a death in the family and I had to run back home to Canada for a week. Although it was a sudden death and a shock to everyone, Tom lived a long life (89) and, weirdly, was very healthy till the day he died.

Tom was Rob’s dad, so I got to see ‘coach’ while I was there. A couple other of his athletes showed up to show their respects, which was also a surprise, but a nice one this time.

Coach, Ginette, me and Pierre

Coach, Ginette, me and Pierre

In other news, you all know that I’m registered for Haute Route Alps this year, I think. I’m rooming with an ex-teammate, Mark, for the week, and we’ve told the organizers we’d like to create team again (Vicious Cycle, of course). Thing is, we only have two for the team and we need a min of three. Anybody out there want to join? We’ll take all comers, but at least one of you should be stronger than me, so we can place well!

Any takers comment on this article or email me directly at gerrypatt@gmail.com.

Now, how to lose 5 pounds of Canadian fat before next Sunday’s race…

9 thoughts on “Miss Me? Know I Was Gone?

  1. The team is now officially made (Paul from Saint Etienne), but we’d be happy with a full contingent (up to 9), so let me know and I’ll add your name to Team Vicious Cycle: V.3 (there’s another one in the Pyrenees this year).

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