The Strade Dilemma

Today will be nearly 20 degrees and sunny and I need to get some shopping done in the morning, leaving only the afternoon to get on the bike. This time of year comes with odd choices I never imagined could have existed pre-turbo era.

Should I go out for a 2.5 hour ride in the sun or stay home and watch other riders do the same thing on ‘tv’?


9 thoughts on “The Strade Dilemma

  1. Life is to short! Get out while the sun shines. You can always watch it on this evening knowing you have been out. You do not get fit sitting on your……… Watching others doing it!🚵

  2. Gerry, I hopped on the turbo trainer this am as it was still 0C despite warming to 17C or so this afternoon. I needed to get other stuff done so it’s nice and convenient to get workout done and out of the way early. And I’m a woos when it comes to the cold.

  3. Hihi. I was facing same dilemma but a little easier given time difference: decided to skip group ride at 8am @-1C and watch Toscany. Going for my ride now: first time temps above freezing since I can remember!

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