A New Day Dawns

I woke up this morning and went straight to my LBS, with high hopes of getting my new gear cables installed properly. But this weekend is Toussaint and, although I don’t know many French who take religion seriously, there are around 60 million of them who take religious holidays very seriously. The shop will be closed till Tuesday.

Now, if I had ‘my other bike’, I’d have a fix, but since it’s still a frame in bubble wrap hiding behind my living room sofa, I have no choice but to take another stab at changing these suckers myself.

I’m happy to report that, although it took the whole morning to do, my front derailleur cable has been replaced. After lunch I will attack the other side.

2014-11-01 11.11.05

4 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns

  1. I take it you did look at youtube for assistance? I have the C2C 928 Bianchi and last year changed all the cables and had no problems going thro the tubes! As your is a later model I suppose if they leave the cables out from the tubes they have a lighter bike (10% lighter then the last model and all that!!). And yes all shops are closed up here too. LoL!

    • I did check YouTube but found nothing for the Infinito. Therefore I was petrified to try! In the end, desperation won over and I just took a chance, and, lo and behold, the cable (the first one anyway) routed through with little problem.Once I gain enough courage I’ll get onto the rear cable…

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