Cable Fail

I had a feeling this would not end well. It’s probably why I bought some alcohol on my trip to Monoprix this afternoon. I have been beaten by internal cable routing, badly. I even tried the dental floss method, only to lose my cable AND my floss.

I don’t have a way to change from one chainring to another now, but at least I’ve got something to drown my sorrows in. The cup will definitely be half full tonight.


14 thoughts on “Cable Fail

  1. I feel your pain. I’ll have one for you tonight too. And maybe on the weekend also as I’m trading cleats for hiking boots.

      • It’s a two person job Gerry. Feed it backwards and have a second pair of hands at the ready with a small hook (bend an old spoke in a 90 degree angle about 1/2″ from the end) and a pair of needle nosed pliers. Good luck man.

        • I got it done in the end, but then made the mistake of going at the brake cables, too. One got ‘lost’ in the top tube and took a good amount of praying to various gods (I think Eddy Merkcx finally answered) before it came out that tiny hole.

        • LOL! Internal routing is awesome until you have to change cables out… I just had an Aerofly handlebar put on the Venge so the cables had to be redone – and they route through the bar too! I stuck around just so I could see how it was done. Prayer makes a lot of sense after going through that. Glad you got ‘er done. Oh, and beautiful bike by the way.

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