Building a Bike, One Pound of Flesh at a Time: Frame

I finally got my new frameset, although I still haven’t paid for it (cheque’s in the mail, David!). Here it is:

2014-10-16 15.53.04

I think I’ll replace the chairs with wheels at some point.

You know quite well that I’ve gone all over the spectrum when considering this all-important element – the frame. I’ve considered titanium, steel, and just about every carbon frame maker I could find. In the back of my mind, though, everything I looked at was immediately placed next to my long-time frame of reference, anything ‘Made in Italy’ by Colnago.

I landed on the C59, which came out in 2011 and was replaced by the C60 this year. It is a carbon lugged frame, which sets it apart right away from just about anything else out there. What this means when the rubber hits the road, I will not know till I get rid of those chairs and have some wheels underneath. It is, however, a ‘classic’ look, in that I don’t expect it to look dated in a few years (it’s already a few years old anyway). I loved the look of this bike – and its predecessors – from first sight.

2014-10-16 15.53.57

There are also the many, many years of storied experience that comes with a frame like this. Ernesto Colnago, it hardly needs repeating, is probably the most ‘mythic’ of bike builders. Considering that he is now in his 80s, there won’t be too many more frames to buy that he’s had a hand in producing. This frame is also 100% made in Italy, with the carbon fiber being sourced from Japan, which is a nice connection for me, too. I buy my veggies local and I really thought I should do the same (or as close as I could) with my bike. It matters somehow.

The frame is not very light (it weighed in at 1600 grams at the shop this afternoon), but try reading a review of it and you’ll see that there is supposed to be something ‘special’ about the C59, which transcends weight. This goes for all top-shelf Colnagos, by the way. Here is Wiggo a few months back telling us his favorite bike of all time. Try getting a C40 cheap now!

But all this is either romanticized by me, or possibly hyperbole from others. It will remain a mystery till I get it on the road. And to get it on the road I need to buy some stuff. I hope you have patience.

18 thoughts on “Building a Bike, One Pound of Flesh at a Time: Frame

    • Thanks. It was actually 1660. I mentally took off 60 for the bit I would end up cutting off. It was also done pretty unscientifically, since the shop owner was holding the scales in his hands. I will check the weight at home soon.

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