When you know you live in France

jacques-anquetil-7I don’t know why this makes me feel so giddy, especially since I was haggled down on the price by him, but I just sold an old bike to Jacques Anquetil’s grand nephew, Hubert. It’s doubtful I would have the opportunity to be swindled by a relative of a 5-time Tour de France winner if I was still living in Canada.

It’s the little things…

10 thoughts on “When you know you live in France

  1. Its a good thing too because you’re far more cultured now that you do live in France. In Canada most people wouldn’t know who Jacques was unless he played center for the Montreal Canadiens. LOL

      • He was quite the controversial character. Wildly paraphrasing, my memory is that some enterprising investigative journalist asked him about drugs, and he said essentially,… duh, use your brain, sonny. There is a bio (on my list, not yet read) I think called Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape.

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