New Bike: Ernesto’s Child

The long bike-search saga may be coming to an end. Although I haven’t paid for it (or even figured out how), I think I have ordered the beauty below (the bike, not its creator). It will be my first ‘build’, since it’s coming as a frameset. Whether you want to or not, I’m afraid you will be seeing a lot about my little project this off season.

And if you are in the habit of making low-interest loans, let me know.


19 thoughts on “New Bike: Ernesto’s Child

  1. Congratulations. The all black matte look is definitely the ‘in’ colour right now. I thought you would have gone for one if those hand painted ones.

    • Thanks, Luc. I’m not too, too fussy when it comes to color (or lack of in this case). There was the little matter of ‘choice’ with this one, too. I’ll explain next time!

  2. Having put together 2 bikes, I look forward to your choice of components etc and your reasons for them or otherwise. Always nice to see how other cyclist come to a conclusion on a part to use!

    • I’m looking forward to my choices, too, Bryan! It will be a trick to supply this thing will ‘worthy’ components while not going completely broke at the same time.

  3. Very nice. I myself am currently scratching my head and trying to pick the right frame-set for my next bike – not an easy task (for me anyway – at the moment indecision is final).

    Probably can’t go far wrong with a Colnago of that calibre though!

    • I hope you’re right. I am only going from the many reviews I’ve read about this bike and have never clipped into one. I think it’s a small risk, though.

      Good luck with your decision-making process. I guess procrastinating is all part of the fun!

  4. Nice! Good to have made the decision, no? Curious whether you’d go electric shifting or not… My mind is now on cross (first race today under the belt and it reminded me why I love cross racing–if you haven’t done it, give it a try!). There is much change in cross bikes; discs for one (which really makes no sense for road bikes here in the flat lands of Chicago)

    • I think I can confidently say I won’t be going with electronic yet. Probably the cost is one big hurdle, but I just don’t see the point for me at this point. Then again, if you let me ride a bike with Super Record EPS I might have a change of mind. Good luck with the ‘cross season. I’d like to give it a try someday, but don’t you actually have to run with your bike sometimes? My knee would have something to say about that, I’m sure!

      • I wouldn’t go electronic either (my darn buggy Garmin 510 gives me sufficient electronic headaches). Yes, but only very little running for our levels : dismount, jump a barrier or stairs, mount.

  5. Congratulations G – the ride in the pic is certainly gorgeous. I quite like the carbon-black look – very sexy – though I’d probably favor a bit of color for all the night commuting I have to do.

    Looking forward to the story of the build – and how you manage to rob a bank without getting caught!

  6. So no Crisp? C60 then? Catching up on my reading list and getting a bit confused here…

    Come up here and I’m sure my club mate will let you go for a quick spin on his 2014 SR EPS equipped bike. 🙂 Strange to say, but it makes a very sexy sound when shifting. His older road bike has mechanical SR, but he cannot be happier with the EPS version principally because it is much smoother and allows extreme shifting if necessary. I was rather sceptical about electronic group sets previously, but once they figured out how to hide that ugly battery pack, the whole thing now looks very clean and streamlined compared to the mechanical cousins. And, of course, a gushing review from a guy who has a zillion miles in his powerful legs is very persuasive…

    • No, I had to let him down. I don’t think he was too bothered by it, given his 13-month lead time. I will give him another ring in a few years, I think.

      I am sure I can’t justify the expense of and EPS, even though I see they are going way down in price. Even a Mech Record is pretty pricey at this point, but I think the frame ‘needs’ at least that much. Great to hear the ravings of an experienced rider, though. I have not really considered electronic yet, but, like just about anything else, I can be persuaded. When are you switching over?

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