Cycling Bliss: Found and Lost

090e790015fc3076ee3e667e61801ffcWhile I wallow in website-development Hell for most of my days, I have managed to escape once in a while for some riding. I’m not sure whether it is because a long season is coming to an end, or that 4 years of training is manifesting into something even better than I had thought possible, but lately I’ve been having some seriously good rides.

I seem to have found the perfect cadence finally, my legs feel longer somehow, and my upper body is fitting itself ‘into’ the bike, more than ‘onto’ it. My mom used to tell me that I’d turn into a carrot if I ate too many of them. Maybe I’m becoming a bike…

But cycling happiness, like the regular kind (and sunglasses), is probably something that we can neither count on finding when we look for it, nor hold onto it once it comes. I’ll get out tomorrow, though, just in case it sticks around for a while longer.

8 thoughts on “Cycling Bliss: Found and Lost

    • Thanks for the comment! I took a short spin on your site today, btw. Are you in Cebu? What’s the cycling like over there? I’ve been to the country a couple of times and can’t really imagine fighting against the jeepneys and buses!

      • Yes. I’m from Cebu, Philippines. Part of the 10% of the bike commuter and it can go crazy. Or maybe because I’m from here and I got used to it. Some days feels like suicide, crazy and hostile drivers. Love the trails here though. 🙂

  1. It might just be that after all your efforts in Canada etc you are now rested and the body has compensated for all that work and you have moved up a level in fitness etc 🙂

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