Colnago Wishes and Titanium Dreams

Just a very short post to say that I’ve been busy losing sleep (and hair) over a new website John and I are trying to get up by Oct 22nd. When I want to take a break from reality I have been inching closer to the bike I can’t afford to buy.

Here is the latest: a Crisp Titanium frame and I have begun talks with him on a potential custom bike. No money has changed hands yet, but I can almost hear the hollow sound of my bank account emptying….or is that the pit of my stomach?

n3 002

7 thoughts on “Colnago Wishes and Titanium Dreams

  1. Wow, Ti with Campy, wow. I had never heard of that frame manufacturer before. It seems that with the kind of riding that you do (long rides over hill and dale) titanium would be perfect. I am so happy I held onto my beautiful Ti with Dura Ace bike, and never put it up for sale the 26 times I was about to. I am back to riding it and the comfort is amazing, the weight is too and someday I’d like some new wheels (more like nice new hubs) and I will be set. Thanks for this reminder to go sell my Cannondale Evo Supersix, that stiff racing carbon is no longer what I want to be. Someday you will purchase that long-awaited bike – I can’t wait to see what a man who is one with his bike, selects.

    • I’m glad to hear that comment, Karen. I’m still on the fence, but knowing you get a great ride of your Ti bike after all these years, gives me something (else) to think about.

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