Slow Road to Gaspe: Day Three

Today was one on two ‘short days’ (under 200 km) so I tried to take my time. It wasn’t that easy, though. Check out wind I had at my back.


But I made a good attempt of it, stopping at Tim Hortons for my 2nd breakfast, then immediately regretting it when the gut raunch hit me.


A note on the relationship between portion sizes and obesity – the ‘small’ coffee I ordered was larger than anything I could get in France. Canadians, you don’t need to look far to find out the reason to your woes.

Some of my day was a little inland.



But around Rimouski I hit the coast, which I’ll be along for a while now.

This is not an ocean, by the way, even though you can’t see the other side and there are tides (400 km from the Atlantic). Say hello to the St. Lawrence River. Canada does ‘big’ well.


The last part of the ride today was on a side road / bike path that was really pleasant. Quebec has done a fabulous jobs with their cycling route network.



And so another day ended, the way all days should.


600 km down now, by the way. Another 350 of so and I’m home.

6 thoughts on “Slow Road to Gaspe: Day Three

  1. Awesome Gerry! What is it with everything French, it has a certain Panache. Love the micro brewery presentation.

    Quebec has invested millions in cycling infrastructure with over 5000 kms of marked paths and trails making it the largest cycling infrastructure in the Americas. The only thing missing is mountains with paved roads.

  2. That’s a great looking beer Gerry. How many can you fit in your storage bag? Looks like the weather is in your favour too.

  3. It might be all in French…but the architecture is very USA!!!! Great photos. Not seen a hill/mountain yet Gerry!

  4. Yes indeed, looking at that sign, I just bet that Tim Horfon’s is “Toujours frais”…. oops there’s that American sarcasm escaping me again:-)

    Have wanted to see the St. Lawrence for a long time, glad to see it through your eyes and camera. Keep those photos coming!

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