Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2014

Thanks to my weekly knee injections I can’t ride on the weekend for a few weeks. So, instead of staying home and crying about it I thought I’d go to Barcelona and cry about it. This Sunday is the final stage of the Volta a Catalunya and, like Paris-Nice last weekend, is a nice, viewer-friendly stage that begins and finishes in the center of town. Does anyone know of a good tapas place that doesn’t have Filipinos as waiters (nothing against Filipinos, of course…)?


4 thoughts on “Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2014

  1. Hi Gerry, There are no shortages of tapas bars there and there was a great one in the centre of the city but unfortunately I don’t recall the name. Here is a link to the best ones according to the guardian. The article is a couple years old but I’m sure still ok. If you get a chance on the way by, check out where the Volta ended today, Gerona. The old town is great to visit. The home of many pro cyclist including Ryder Hejedal I believe and – shhhhhhh – Lance Armstrong. And remember while in Barcelona, keep your wallet (and hand bag) in a safe place and if one or two women approach you with their blouses and bras pulled up, definitely keep your eye on your wallet. (a guy in the UK told me of that experience and yes he did ‘lose’ his wallet). Enjoy. A great city.

    • Luc, thanks for the tips. I’ve been to Barcelona quite a few times, actually, but have yet had the pleasure of women flashing me. I’ll be hoping for warm weather this weekend! Thanks for the article. I’ll see if we’ve been to any of them before. As for Girona, my buddies and I keep saying we need to go down there and do some riding, but it never happens. I doubt we’ll have a chance to stop by this trip either, I think. And yes, I think Ryder lives there during the season. Must have been nice to go home after today’s stage!

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