The Recovery Year

I’m really glad I don’t have an Haute Route to do this summer. I’m finding it hard to digest that it’s nearly March and my training calendar, up to now, is mostly blank spaces. I blame it on Dr. Shaky, who took an untimely retirement, but wherever the fault lies, the hard, cold fact is that this season is having a hard time warming up.

The almond blossoms and my Google Calendar tell me that I must get my softened arse in gear, too, because I will be traveling to St. Tropez and Holland in April for two sportives that I’d like to finish with some semblance of dignity.

Therefore, while the Physio works her magic on my knee every two or three days, I have begun an 8-week training program I ‘liberated’ from the internet, which should increase my Functional Threshold Power and confidence à la fois.

downloadThe lazy git inside me actually doesn’t really mind taking it relatively easy this year, so don’t feel sorry for me. Anyway, if recovery weeks do wonders for your fitness, imagine what a recovery year will do!

28 thoughts on “The Recovery Year

  1. I understand in order to get the most out of a recovery year, one must accompany all sedentary actions with Guinness or Amstel. Drink up mon ami!

  2. Good luck with the physio, I hope it does what is (k)needed.

    By the way, I am in my fortieth consecutive recovery year and can tell you that I am hoping to pull out the big one any time now.

  3. Have some fun in that recovery year! A few sportives (well, maybe not such fun) maybe also a bit of touring in new places not too far from you, without race pressure. But more seriously, guinness, amstel, or your other names are great…but don’t forget where you are and enjoy a glass of red for me before I can get back.

  4. Gerry I was in the village of Meze last Spring and could not find any beer to my liking. I don’t usually care for wine but the local fare there was delicious and cheap! I will be there again hopefully in 2015 latest to do some riding in the region. Thanks for the site. Helps keep my dream of riding through France alive.

  5. hey Gerry
    is there any chance that this knee problem flare up might be connected to the new Garmin pedals
    as in “correcting” pedal to power stroke L/R and messing around with something that already worked

    in my mind the recovery starts the minute you decide it does.You can tell me to piss off if you like, but come on A Year?

  6. No, the knee problem is just the same old thing, only without the shots I usually have that mask the irritation. I’ll have that solved soon, I hope.

    Re recovery, don’t fret, it’ll just mean 5 days a week instead of 6…but you can piss off anyway 😉

      • Not sure yet. The alternative, Tilff Bastogne Tilff, conflicts with Stelvio Santini which is firmly on my radar screen. My legs are nowhere close to doing either, however.

      • Ah, I just checked again, and the TBT is not in conflict. Rather, it’s the Flèche Wallone that’s conflicting with Stelvio… So, less motivated to do LBL…

        • Try again next year then. I think once I get a taste of Amstel Gold I’ll be gunning for a Classic a year. Maybe we can finally meet at LBL ’15.

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