Getting My Fix

I feel like a junkie who’s dealer has suddenly grown a conscience. But more on that in a bit.

You remember my bursa draining of a couple weeks ago? Well, that didn’t really work, and the pain came back, although in a slightly different ‘way’. I can still ride hard, but I can also always feel the knee slowing me down a bit.

downloadSo, I went back to the Osteopath yesterday for a follow-up and he got aggressive with me this time. Whereas my first seance was rather gentle, with poking and prodding being the main activities, this one was full contact, with him using his whole body for leverage at times. I never asked ‘why so aggro’, but I assumed it was another level of treatment, reserved for hard cases like myself. In the end he proclaimed me ‘balanced’ and told me that he was done with me. He said to rest and see how things go, but that the problem, whatever it is, lied beyond his capabilities. One thing he surprisingly suggested was to go and get those shots of hyaluronic acid that I’d been doing each year till now. He said it was harmless do so and if it was working till now, why stop? Good question.

Thing is, my ‘sports doctor’ was the one who told me to go to the Osteo in the first place and didn’t want to give me my fix at the end of last year. I’ve made an appointment with him for Friday, though, and I’m hoping that he’ll see how bad I need that needle, since I now have a professional recommending it. Wish me luck.



11 thoughts on “Getting My Fix

  1. I see now that it looks like I’m fishing for sympathy. Not true (but appreciated)…just the only thing that’s going on in my cycling world at the moment!

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