Pretty Provence Pictures

Okay, as pretty as you can get from a mid-range Samsung Android.

While Shoko was soaking in the art scene of Arles today I sped out of town to reconn some roads John and I might be using for next year’s newest and greatest (and unnamed) self-guided tour in Provence.

This is a nice little gentle descent that gives you the sense you are going down much farther than you actually are somehow. I think it’s the 2 or 3 switchbacks. Alpilles in the distance.

2013-10-26 15.00.18

A ‘hidden’ (you must do the tour to find it!) Roman aqueduct on a quiet back road.

2013-10-26 15.04.59

Heading north out of Maussane les Alpilles. Somehow I didn’t take any photos of the many olive groves. Pity, because the harvest has begun and it was quite an active scene.

2013-10-26 15.33.10

Two old standbys outside the gates of Glanum, an archaeological site I still haven’t visited, but really should. I will before you take the tour, don’t worry.

2013-10-26 15.45.57

11 thoughts on “Pretty Provence Pictures

  1. nice pics.. Glanum is very walk the actual Roman streets.. beautiful site..worth an hour or two…not to far from Remy is Fontvieille..the home of one of our favorite restaurants..Lou Claveau..theres a soup d’ poisson that is absolutely sublime… everything is excellent..a small place where Serge waits tables and his wife cooks upstairs.. on that route also is MontMajour Abbey built in the 10th century…(Route de Fontvieille, 13200 Arles, France)..hey, just trying to help the ‘High Road’ venture….the faster it grows, the easier it will be for you to employ me when Becca & I move there.

    • Thanks, Stephen. I’m making it a winter project to get over there and go in next time. I do love Roman roads.

      I actually went right by Montmajour on the way back, pulling a little loop out of the ride. It looked very popular, at least. Plenty of cars in the lot. It strikes a really great picture from the quiet road I used to get out of Arles, too, being just across the valley.

      Lou Claveau…I wish we had some money in the company so I could call it a business expense!

  2. Looks very different to the ride I was on today in Calgary. Although the temperature warmed up to a very warm 15C (that’s warm in Calgary at this time of year), unlike the pictures you took, our trees have no leaves left. Your pictures look like mid-summer over here. Gotta love le sud. Thanks for sharing.

    • It was a little slower than your ride, too. It’s been humid lately, but warm. We even have a mosquito problem in the apartment. Mosquitos…in Oct.

  3. Some beautiful roads around there, just don’t be tempted up to Ventoux! There’s a little steak restaurant in Arles run by an ex matador. Check out it if you’re still in town, great guy, great food and great pics on the walls. Admittedly, not a place for vegetarians or animal lovers.

    • Back home now, but Arles is only 30 km or so away, so might check that place out sooner than later. Thanks.

      But yeah, it’ll have to be a solo trip. My wife is both vegetarian and not really down with the bull culture.

  4. Hi Gerry,

    As it happens, I spent a week in Paradou with my wife and three kids immediatly following this year’s HR Alps, and your pics brought back some great memories. One terrific 65km loop I did while there: Paradou–Maussane–Eygalieres–Orgon–Plan-d’Orgon–St Remy–Les Baux–Paradou. After the HR, I was hurting so bad I wondered if I’d ever ride my bike seriously again. That beautiful route banished such foolish thoughts forever. The bit from Orgon to St Remy is nothing special (for Provence), but the rest of the loop will lift your soul. I especially recommend Eygalieres on a Friday, which is market day there, their market day being my favorite in the Alpilles. The highlight of the ride, though, may be the climb to the top of Notre Dame de Beauregard in Orgon, from which there is a gorgeous view of La Durance and the Luberon beyond.

    And speaking of restaraunts, if you think I can lapse into rhapsody over the C59, you should hear me on the subject of Le Bistro du Paradou. Three words: OH MY GOD!

    Happy trails.


    • Seems I have a few more reasons to get myself over there!

      I’ve ridden most of the roads you mention, except for the Notre Dame de Beauregard one, I think. Lovely riding.

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