Osteoarthritis and Me: Two Year Update

I’ve just re-read last Fall’s article that I wrote on my knee and I see that what I want to say this year is nearly exactly what I wrote then. This is good news because in that post I was asking your (always excellent) advice on whether to get my yearly hyaluronic acid shots again (I did); the reason being because my knee felt pretty damn good still.

Well, here we are again, but this time I’ll spare you the effort of typing your opinions and just come out and say it: I’m off the shots!

As I’ve said before, I can always ‘feel’ the knee, and I know that it’ll never be 100% again, but the pain (more of an ‘ache’ really) is so far very manageable and as Haute Route demonstrated, the knee can take a lot of punishment. So, I won’t get my annual Viscosupplementation (unless the constant pain returns, that is) but I will continue with the other things I’ve been doing:

  1. Daily Glucosamine tablets.
  2. Daily fish oil.
  3. Keeping the weight down.
  4. Pedaling

I have met a few people who swear by #1, but in my case I can’t be sure since I started it along with other remedies. I am nearly positive that #3 plays a big factor in reducing pain. I guess it’s obvious when you think about it. And, of course, there’d be no blog to write if I stopped doing #4, so that’s got to continue.

If you’ve happened upon this article doing a search for osteoarthritis or other terms that don’t usually bring you to a cycling blog, take from this what you like. I would never think for a moment that what works for me is going to work for someone else. I am convinced that finding your own magic cocktail is the way to go.

Wish me luck getting through the indoor training season without those magic shots. I leave you with a photo of me at Haute Route this August, about to do something I’m very happy I figured out how to do again – push hard on the left leg.


13 thoughts on “Osteoarthritis and Me: Two Year Update

  1. Hi Gerry. Have you tried eliminating gluten and sugar?

    I’ve been doing a more thorough elimination diet to hopefully get rid of my chronic tendonitis. There there are several reports of it helping osteoathritis: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/11282-arthritis-pain-what-aggravates-for-you/.

    It’s called the Whole30, because it’s 30 days of eating “whole” foods – lots of veggies, protein, healthy fat, some fruit & nuts. http://www.whole9life.com/start/.

    I did my first one in May, saw many benefits but alas it didn’t help the tendons. However, when we in the sud in August I was able to bike the furthest I had since my knee surgery (Dec 2010).

    Currently I’m on day 11 of my second Whole30, and my achille tendon pain went away almost immediately.

    Good luck with the winter winds – and say “Hi” to Shoko. 🙂


    • I guess the obvious problem with a gluten-free diet is that there is gluten in beer. But beyond that, yes, I’ve thought about it. I’ve read a little bit about how cutting down/out gluten could reduce or eliminate inflammation, I think. I’d love to hear how it goes for you this second ’round’.

      Good luck yourself with that northern winter you have to survive 😉 Hope to see you both soon.

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