Ernesto’s Basement

Me and Mrs. Vicious are going to Italy in a few weeks. Thanks to Street View I have tracked down my first place of pilgrimage. I have just informed them that I am an important blogger. If they fall for it you’ll hear all about it soon enough!


12 thoughts on “Ernesto’s Basement

  1. Dear Mr Colnago. I bought a Colnago because Gezza said I should. He is indeed really really important. Please let him into your prototype area. Also he is handy on a bike, over Roquette the other day he pulled away from me to claim the KOM after I towed him up the hill…er mountain. So he would give you good feedback if you were to give him a bike to ride. Oh he loves Titanium. Can you bring some of them back into your range?
    Thank you.
    I hope this character reference helps mate!

    • Thanks, Steve. Every little bit helps!

      Oh, and as a wise man once said, ‘you weren’t pulling me, you just had someone on your wheel.’ But thanks for the pull…and sorry about that KOM 😉

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