The Silly Season

cropped-p1030504.jpgI’m feeling mostly better now and just in time. In the next few weeks I’ve got the following Ventoux climbs on the calendar:

A triple ascent (!) with Aussie Steve, American Stephen, Irish Roan and English (?) Mark. Gringo John is busy.

German Carsten (with a ‘C’) and I are planning at least one climb together in a couple of weeks, I think.

Spanish Carlos and I have set a date, too, in the first week of July.

Anybody else want to book a day? You need to be from a new country – that’s the only rule.


9 thoughts on “The Silly Season

  1. Hi Gerry,
    You are reminding me of the Everest Sherpas. I’ve (Switzerland) been trying to convince my mate (Norway) to come down for a cycle weekend and Mont Ventoux would be a great climb to tackle. Maybe.

    • You have the correct nationalities. Come on down. As to the Sherpa reference – I’ve been there and met them. You will no doubt feel differently once you see me in person!

  2. And there you have it…….a silly Australian suggests something in private, you make it public, so there is no turning back now 🙂

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