Col du Pré de la Dame. Altitude: 1450 meters

2013-05-11 11.07.36

Today, along with Erik and Anne, I climbed the Pass of the Meadow of the Lady (some things should not be translated), a climb of nearly 15 km, 1000 meters and around 6.5% average gradient.

That’s it really. It is an excellent ascent if you’re in the area (it even has those little cycling kilometer markers that seem to be all the rave these days). Just bring along your wind-breaker. The wind is vicious at the top. Here’s that top, looking back from the descent.

2013-05-11 11.37.14 And looking back even further, on our way back to Bessèges, where we started the ride.

2013-05-11 12.46.52

That’s Mont Lozère, where our col lives.

Same view, with obstruction in foreground. I forgot my helmet today. Glad I live in France – nobody gave me any grief, or even shot me a sideways glance.

2013-05-11 12.47.15

Every time I ride in the Cévennes (the rugged, rural, southern portion of the Massif Central) I am taken by the rustic beauty of the place, not to mention the near complete absence of cars on the smaller roads. It’s one of France’s best kept cycling secrets…and let’s keep it just between you and me, okay?

Here’s my Strava stats, because that’s what you do.

12 thoughts on “Col du Pré de la Dame. Altitude: 1450 meters

  1. And King of the Mountain! I guess Erik is the prince? Looks like a hard but rewarding ride. Prep for the Haute Route?

    • I’m racking up the KOMs on the most obscure climbs around here! Yes, definitely prep for Haute Route. I am trying to get as many long, sustained climbs in as I can. The new car helps a lot!

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