Monthly Report – February

Since I started reporting my progress towards Haute Route I feel obliged to continue, no matter how ugly the results.

This month (the shortest in the year, remember!) I’ve accomplished the following:

  • 23 Training Sessions
  • 42:20 hours on the bike
  • 1113 km 

Even though the numbers above are not as high as I was thinking they’d be, the good news is the legs are finally coming around to the realization that this training thing is here to stay, and they are cooperating by getting stronger. This is a very recent phenomenon (really just in the past week) and a very welcome one at that.

I am also ‘down’ to 68 kg (150 lbs), which is still above my fighting weight of last summer, but it’s going in the right direction, so I’m hopeful.

strava_cyclingIn addition to the numbers above, I’ve also gotten myself a Strava account (yes, I know..about time) and have logged up exactly one ride so far – my hill repeats from yesterday afternoon. If you can, check out the segment I created for the climb. I’m number 10, but look at 1-9. They are all pros from a stage of the Etoile de Besseges race that started here in January. Check out the speed gap…yikes. Here’s my ‘athlete detail’ page, if you’d like to follow my trials and tribulations:

March means spring and warm temperatures here and the days are getting nice and long, so hopefully I’ll be seeing the kms going up and the kgs going in the other direction. Shaving the legs should help. That’s this afternoon’s task.

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