Thomas Voeckler Pulling Faces

I see from my Google search that I am not the first one to think of this as news worthy, but I assure you I came up with the idea all on my own.

Europcar rider Thomas Voeckler of France, wearing the yellow jersey, adjusts his helmet at the start of the 15th stage of the Tour de France 2011 cycling race from Limoux to Montpellier

15-thomas-voeckler-(cyclisme)-populaire-pour-avoir-porte-le-maillot-jaune-du-tour-de-france-2004-pTommy Voeckler is one of my favorite riders in the pro peloton and if you’ve ever seen him win a stage from the breakaway you’d understand why. He is a master at choosing a stage to win, then digging down into the depths of the pain cave to pull it off. He has held the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France for a total of 20 days, as well, even though he is not a GC rider.

Thomas rarely holds back an opinion, as well, which endears him to the average French fan. He’s no fan of earpieces and has been known to just leave his dangling out his jersey when he doesn’t like what is being barked at him from the team car.

021e1_73eb2_120703043037-tour-de-france-stage3-12-horizontal-galleryBut by far the best part about Voeckler is that he’s not afraid to…um, express himself on the road. Sit back and enjoy the many visages of Thomas Voeckler!

[UNSET] 8eca6_120626025039-tour9-horizontal-gallery 165-voeckler_reu

tumblr_lhsytxNe621qbxnpgo1_500 12072012Voeckler Thomas_Voeckler_1946826c tour-de-france-tour-de-france-thomas-voeckler-heros-francais-271132 France's Thomas Voeckler adjusts his hel

*** BESTPIX *** Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2012 Cycle Road Race

tdf12st10-Voeckler-wins-cNow that I see these, I realize that Tommy is much better in video. When he gets the bit between his teeth in an attack, for example, he nods at the crowd, talks, weaves all over his bike and wags his tongue about quite impressively. It’s something to behold. Check out Stage 16 of the 2012 Tour for a full facial gallery.

11 thoughts on “Thomas Voeckler Pulling Faces

  1. Sorry, but the French peloton hates him for his “over acting” when the camera is on him. He really does go over the top to show how much in “pain” he is. I agree with them… If you ever listent to what Jalabert says in the French commentary, it’s right on…

  2. So you are relating facial expressions to winning…….so how is your facial expression training regiment going….. we your avid readers expect a win soon LOL wishing you luck in your next races !!!!

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