2013 Tour de France Route

The 100th Grande Boucle will run from June 29th to July 21st, 2013. Here are some details from the TdF site:

  • 7 flat stages
  • 5 hilly stages
  • 6 mountain stages with 4 summit finishes
  • 2 individual time trial stages
  • 1 team time trial stage
  • 2 rest days

Turns out that all the major rumors came true, so there will be a summit finish on Mont Ventoux, 2 ascents of Alpe d’Huez in the same stage, and a night-time finish on the Champs-Elysées (complete with firworks!). Other nifty additions for the 100th edition include a time trial around Mont Saint-Michel and a team time trial in Nice.

The Tour does a large, clock-wise circle of France, starting in Corsica, with the final week being a definitely-decisive few days in the Alps. I think the ASO have tried to make this tour a balanced affair, with not too many mountains (like the Giro and Vuelta tend to be doing these days), but also fewer kms of time trials. Mix that with a bunch of hilly stages and I’m sure the hope is for a Tour that will favor an all-rounder, rather than a time-trialist or climber.

If this gets your blood flowing and legs doing phantom peddle strokes, I hope you’ll excuse a little plug for a great 7-day Alps climbing tour I have planned for next summer. Why let the pros have all the fun!

12 thoughts on “2013 Tour de France Route

  1. I do love firworks [ sic ] 😉 I’m looking forward to a great TdF. And L’Etape sounds great with it being a loop rather than some huge distance between start and finish locations.

  2. Hello Gerry. Have you seen the Act 1 etape route for next year ? it certainly makes cycling back to the start to pick up your car after the race a lot easier than it was in 2011.

      • How fantastic. That should be some carnival. By the way, inspired by the Haute Route I managed to double my training this month getting in 1000km and 16,000m and my average speed is increasing on each big ride. So thanks. It makes a big difference having something exciting to aim for.

    • I like it. I’m the one doing the Haute Route and you are doing the training! I don’t even want to look at my mileage this month, since I’ve been in Canada (and off the bike) for the last 3 weekends. Summer is coming for you…happy training!

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