Extreme Optimism, Part Deux: UCI World Cycling Tour Finals

A lot has changed since I wrote this original article, saying that I might try and qualify for, then race in, the UCI World Cycling Tour (The Masters World Championships). Since then I have lost my mind altogether and signed up for the Haute Route, a week-long cyclosportive race in the Alps that gleefully bills itself and the toughest and highest sportive in the world.

Isn’t that enough, I ask you? Probably too much, I tell you, but I just happened to find myself on the UWCT website and read the following:

In 2013, the World Championships will take place in Trento – Italy during the weekend of 19-22 september 2013. The organizers plan to have a new and flat 20-30km long time trial course near the city. The road races are based on the qualifier event “La leggendaria Charly Gaul” that already took place in July this year. Finish will be on top of the famous Monte Bondone just outside Trento after a 20k climb.

The good news for travellers from overseas, is that these World Championships for masters and amateurs are being held only one week before the Elite World Championships in Firenze, just 300km further.

Trento happens to be only 800km from here, or in Canadian terms, ‘to work and back’. It’s literally my back yard. I have a lot of things to do next year, so I haven’t made any decisions yet, plus 2014 will be in Ljubljana – Slovenia, which, apart from messing terribly with my mind the first 10 times I tried to pronounce it, is one of my favorite places in Europe, plus I have no idea if I could even qualify next year, plus, plus, plus.


For those out there who might be interested in visiting Trento next year, here is how you qualify:

  1. In a qualifying race, you must finish in the top 25% of your age category.
  2. Or…just race in 3 qualifying races (this seems a little too easy, I have to say).

Here are the qualifying races in some countries you probably live in:

Note: These were the qualifying races for this year’s championships. They could change next year.

If you decide to attempt this, let me know. I could use the motivation.

16 thoughts on “Extreme Optimism, Part Deux: UCI World Cycling Tour Finals

  1. Hi Gerry-who-I-think-is-almost-nearby,

    If you want to visit your homeland’s southern neighbor, I’m sure you would qualify no problem whatsoever in the Berkshire Cycling Classic. Not exactly in your backyard once you’re back home in le Sud, though. St. Tropez would be a lot simpler!

    I’ll ride it (whether or not I qualify is a different story) and know the course, and area well (the route is in my backyard.)

    You could always “pop down” after your class and we’ll ride the course. It’s “only:-)” an 8 hour or so drive …..

  2. I really don’t see how you have any choice but to sign up. Your public demands it! As you point out, 800km is nearly next door, about the distance most Americans will cheerfully drive for a good taco salad. I must say that I disagree with Robert, however. I would LOVE to see you smoke the field on a traditional road bike. Better still if crushed everyone while never actually getting into the drops. It would be the stuff of legend!

    • I like your thinking, Steve, if only because staying with the road race would save me 5000 euros or so. I would gladly take a train 700 km to Paris for south Indian food, so I understand the taco salad thing, too.

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