Uphill Battle: The 18th Ascension of Mt. Aigoual

First, sorry about the accidental post before this one. I’ve only been using WordPress nearly 4 years. I’ll get the hang of it soon…


No, not a religious holiday (although I might be asking for divine intervention if things get tough..), but my first time trial of sorts. The Ascension de Mont Aigoual, a famous local race here in Le Sud, is a 28km mountain time trial (but with the advertised group start I don’t see the categorization) that starts in the village of Valleraugue (357m) and finishes on top of impossible-to-spell Mt. Aigoual, the highest point in my departement of Gard – 1567m.

The race takes place this Sunday, August 5th, and sign-ups are open till the day before. For those still sitting on the fence (you know who you are!), you still have time…

15 thoughts on “Uphill Battle: The 18th Ascension of Mt. Aigoual

  1. Sounds like torture ,i would be interested if it was downhill…

    Good luck with hope you have good legs

    • The knee has been acting up lately, so I think I need to get these races out of the way before it gives up the ghost for the season. If I hear of a downhill version I’ll be sure and let you know.

    • Velominati Rule #55// Earn your turns.
      If you are riding down a mountain, you must first have ridden up the mountain. It is forbidden to employ powered transportation simply for the cheap thrill of descending. The only exception to this is if you are doing intervals on Alpe d’Huez or the Plan de Corones and you park your car up top before doing 20 repeats of the climb.

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