Dear Readers,

I hope you don’t mind if I occasionally throw into this blog something ‘business related’. See, I’ve been thinking hard and long about developing my little pastime into something a little more substantial. It’s all still very unclear at the moment, but I have booked off the rest of the summer and fall to try and trap the many scattered ideas I have floating around in my head and put them into some coherence. It’s a big ask, believe me.

Anyhow, although I will endeavor to keep this blog as it has always been (good ol’ crappy commentary and bad photos!), I would like to ask your permission to add some self-promotion from time to time. And what better time to start than the present!

I have been using Facebook to let people know about my website and potential enterprise, Cycling Languedoc (when new content appears, or photos from guided rides that I do, for example), and I’m finding it a great way to get the word out. If you have any interest in this little project of mine, I’d like to ask you to ‘like’ my page (assuming you have a FB account, of course).

Thank you for your time. The blog will resume regular programming in the next article!

14 thoughts on “Solicitations!

  1. By all means, promote yourself. I put up a Facebook for my blog a couple months ago and it has had a substantial impact on my readership. So far at 250 likes and growing. The blog and all social media are great tools to get your name out there. I say use them.

  2. Hmmmm…a sinking feeling that this will be what finally propels me into Facebook., though not the only reason. So if I do it, you’ll be the first like. By all means include info here.

    • I agree with Gerry that FB can be annoying, and you’ll learn a lot of things about ‘friends’ that you would never care about (like what they ate for breakfast), but it’s also a good tool for a lot of things. I learn as much about rides, events, news, etc. as I do about what friends are doing.

  3. You’re officially liked now! Like Suze, I’m ambivalent about Facebook. I’m a Tweeter, although not obsessive. However, Facebook is reckoned to be the top social media so it’s a good direction to go in. Good luck in all your endeavours.

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