Paris-Roubaix 2012 Route Map – Sunday, April 8th

Well, by now you all know that the complexion of Paris-Roubaix has been changed somewhat because of Fabian’s untimely nose dive last Sunday. This leaves Tom Boonen as probably the clear favorite. But, even though he’s been my man all season, I’m going to say his luck can’t hold out much longer. P-R just has too many ways to make you wish you’d just stayed home (like Boonen’s flat last year in the Arenburg Trench that put him out of contention). Still, I wouldn’t bet against him.

For a comprehensive history of Paris-Roubaix and the rest of the spring Classics, try this book.

For North American Readers

For UK/European Readers

10 thoughts on “Paris-Roubaix 2012 Route Map – Sunday, April 8th

  1. One thing that is a constant across all sports: if I pick a star player for my fantasy squad, he WILL get hurt. My apologies to Mr. Cancellara.

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