Steve, Meet Mr. Ventoux

On May 16th, if all the stars align and my arthritis remains slight, cycling buddy John and I will be joining long-time blog reader Steve on the first Ventoux ascent of the year.

This is Steve. He’s an affable Aussie.

This is Ventoux. He’s an indifferent Frenchman. He’s also a legend, so worth going out of your way to meet.

If you’d like to make Monsieur Ventoux’s acquaintance with us, let me know. Maybe a group assault will take him by surprise!

15 thoughts on “Steve, Meet Mr. Ventoux

    • Hi Suze, thanks for your wishes! I cannot believe that it is going to happen, well, by that I mean I am going to be trying to get up the hill! Of course none of this would have happened so soon if it wasn’t for Gerry’s support and enthusiasm!
      The count down is on!

      • Thanks for the kind words, Steve. Cheque’s in the mail!

        You might not feel the same amity towards me when your 40 minutes into non-stop 10%, so I’ll try and keep my distance till we’re both at the top 😉

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